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Siemens SITRANS P Remote Seals for Transmitters and Pressure Gauges

The measuring possibilities of the SITRANS P line are extended by a wide range of Remote seal transmitters are used when it is necessary to isolate the transmitter from the process for any reason.The technique fluid may be at an accelerated temperature. The technique fabric may be a slurry that might clog trendy instrument can be corrosive.The method fluid may additionally freeze or solidify in the course of swings in ambient or technique temperature. A food, beverage or pharmaceutical process may require a sanitary seal to keep away from cavities and lifeless quantity. the use of faraway seal transmitters helps simpler cleansing to avoid infection among batches.

Parameters that decide the plan of a remote seal transmitter are:

  • Temperatures (process and ambient).
  • Exposure to vacuum.
  • Pressure (operating and maximum).
  • Length of capillary.
  • Type of seal desired.
  • Process connection, material of construction and similar considerations.
  • Installation requirements.
  • Measurement span.