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Siemens SITRANS LVS200 Vibrating Point Level Switch

The sitrans LVS200 detects high,low or demand levels of dry bulk solids in bins, silos or hoppers.The liquid/solid interface version also can discover settled solids inside drinks or solids inside restricted spaces including feed pipes. it's miles designed to ignore liquids for you to come across the interface between a solid and a liquid.

A pipe extension version is available with either the standard or liquid/solid interface electronics and fork,separated by a customer supplied 1"pipe.

The LVS200 has a compact design and can be top, side or angle mounted.The vibrating fork design ensures the tines are stored easy.The unique design of the fork and crystal assembly eliminates fake high stage readings even though tines turn out to be broken.

A sign from the digital circuit excites a crystal in the probe inflicting the fork to vibrate.If the fork is covered by material,the change in vibration is detected by the electronic circuitry which causes the relay to change state after a one second delay.

  • High resistance to mechanical forces.
  • Strong vibration resistance to high bulk material loads.
  • Customer desired extensions up to 20 000 mm (787”).
  • Suitable for low density material: standard version, 20 g/l (1.3 lb/ft³); liquid/solid interface version, 50 g/l (3 lb/ft³),.
  • and low density option min. 5 g/l (0.3 lb/ft³)
  • Durable short fork option with 165 mm (6.5 inch) insertion length
  • Optional detection of solids within liquid


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