Siemens Products Range >> Pressure transmitter SITRANS P, Z series (7MF1564)

Siemens Pressure transmitter SITRANS P, Z series (7MF1564)

The SITRANS P Z pressure transmitter measures the gauge and absolute pressure as well as the level of liquids and gases.

Stainless steel housing with ceramic measuring cell and electronics module.The temperature-compensated ceramic measuring cellular has a thin-film pressure gauge which is set up on a ceramic diaphragm.The ceramic diaphragm also can be used for aggressive media.

The thin-film measuring cell has a thin-film resistance bridge to which the operating strain p is transmitted via a ceramic diaphragm.The voltage output from the measuring cell is converted by using an amplifier into an output cutting-edge of 4 to 20 mA or an output voltage of 0 to 10 V DC.

  • High measuring accuracy.
  • Robust stainless-steel housing.
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive media.
  • For measuring the pressure of beverages, gases and vapor.
  • Temperature-compensated measuring cell.
  • Compact design

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